Abbie Harby

Hello, servus and bonjour! I am freelance German and French to English translator and copywriter based in Cambridgeshire, UK. I specialise in sport, international development, sustainability and environment, travel and food.
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My Latest Work

Doughnuts and Revitalising Urban Development

Urban development isn’t always about the brand spanking new. It’s all well and good to build new modern constructions, but it’s even more essential to give those run-down, if not abandoned areas some love and attention and use what we’ve already got. Caren Ohrhallinger, Chief Executive of Architecture at nonconform told us all there is to know about the importance of revitalising abandoned districts, the Doughnut vs Krapfen Effect, and how to go about bringing a city back to life. Everybody lik

The Bigger Picture: How to Lead City-Wide Change

Adapting our buildings to be future-proof, incorporating greenery, using more sustainable materials: these are all great steps and ones to be encouraged. But, what about the bigger picture? If overall city development, urban planning, and wholescale change are your thing, stick around to get some top tips on how to lead it all. We sat down with Soraya Axelsson, a guru in leading change in the urban realm, to talk about the necessary skills for someone already in a position of influence and for

Natural Materials in Construction Guide

Deep in the depths of the construction world, among the steel, cement and concrete, there are materials hidden, just waiting to be utilised. We’ve put together this guide exhibiting some of the main natural construction materials along with a few facts, figures, and important points to factor into your decisions when building from scratch. Terms like “natural building”, “sustainable construction”, and “green architecture” often make us envisage a cob hut or Hobbit house in the countryside, but

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